The FalconEyes AD-PS2pro is  portable power supply unit that integrates the power from 2 x V-mount battery to DC 48V output.
It works with either 2 x 14.8V V-mount batteries, or 2 x 26V V-mount batteries. 


As tested with 2 x 26V (BP-260VL, 260Wh) FalconEyes V-mount battery, the initial battery test for RX-120TDX (600W) at its full output has lasted for 49 minutes.


DC Adapter: 48V output
DC Input    (V-mount) Battery:  14.8V x 2 / 26V x 2
DC Output: 48V
Output Power: 480W (Max)


***Note : Batteries are not included with this purchase***



1. Be sure to select the device that matches the output voltage to avoid unnecessary damage.


2. For Input voltage 12-30V; please choose two batteries with the same voltage.


3. In order to achieve maximum output power, it is recommended to use two fully charged batteries of 14.8V/190Wh capacity or above, or two fully charged 26V batteries.


4. Under Voltage Indicator

Green : Battery voltage is normal

Red : Battery is under voltage and need to be replaced.


5. Working temperature should be in the range of 0~+40°C


6. Please do not mount battery on the power station when it is not in use. The product should be stored in clean, dry and ventilated place.

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