The FalconEyes CLL & DLL series LED Fresnel is designed for professional filming and broadcasting, it's equipped with high quality LED chip for producing high color accuarcy lighting of CRI 95+, color temperature is variable steplessly between 3000K - 8000K, and beam angle is adjustable from 12° up to 60°. It is also built with a silent fan mode that allows the fan to be turned off for fully silent operation to fulfill all the professional lighting requirements.


For finer control, a four-blade barndoor set is included to flag the light output, control the beam spread, and help isolate the subject as desired. The classic U-Bracket yoke design allows 90 degree tilt, and mounts on a standard 5/8" stud. 


To enhance the usage of the LED Fresnel, FalconEyes has developed different models, power outputs and control features for you to choose the most suiltable ones for your need.


CLL vs DLL series
The CLL-series is powered under AC power supply, it provides full voltage of AC 110-240V 50Hz/60Hz to use in any countries. While DLL-series can be used with both AC power and DC battery power, which is a great convenient for outdoor filming.


DR / TDX version (DMX)
The DMX system (5-pin XLR plug) allows you to connect the Fresnel with DMX console for DMX-512 system control, it is a very convenient feature for the stage lighting setup.


TW version (Wi-Fi)
The Wi-Fi control enable you to control multiple LED Fresnel on a smartphone application through Wi-Fi connection, it can make a fast and accurate light setting.
FalconEyes Wi-Fi APP



CLL-7500DR (with LCD display)
Power: 750W (equivalent to approx. 6000W of quartz light)
Color Temperature: 5600K
Control: Dimmable
Voltage: AC 110-240V 60Hz / 50Hz
Size: 517 x 464 x 536 mm (L x W x H)
LUX (60°) 3m 2750 / 5m 1100 / 7m 595
LUX (20°) 3m 11480 / 5m 3898 / 7m 2078
Weight :17kg
System: DMX512
Color: Silver
CRI: Ra 95

Beam Angle : 20°-60°

LUX (FLOOD) : 1M:32700 / 3M:3220 / 5M:1220 / 7M: 645 / 9M:402

LUX (FOCUS) : 1M:129000 / 3M:12900 / 5M:4530 / 7M: 2370 / 9M:1470

Fan : Off (Ability to perform 100% output below 70C°)

Fan (50% output) : 0.2M:52.3dB / 0.5M:46.6dB

Fan (100% output) : 0.2M:57dB / 0.5M:52.6dB

    HK$23,380.00 一般價格
    Silver Steel Plate
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