The new FLC-55 fluorescent ring light is designed to provide soft light source with ring shape advantage. It's built with a nice and simple design, achieving a CRI of Ra 93 by fluorescent ring lamp! It's outputting high frequency light source to make sure it's smooth for video filming with no flickering. 


The 4-sections diffusor will be included.

Orange diffusor and camera bracket TMB-20Z will have to be purchased as optional accessories.


Model No.: FLC-55
Power output : 55W
Color Temperature : 5600K
Voltage : 100V – 120V / 220V – 240V
Dimming: On / Off
Beam angle : 64°
CRI: 93
LUX : 0.5M 3200 / 1M 1000 / 2M 257
Size : 615 x 422 x 72mm

    Silver Steel Plate
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