The Falcon Eyes MPS-900Pro is a Generator which is suitable for both AC and DC power. You can use the generator everywhere in the world with continuous light. It is designed for two voltage versions (110V or 230V) to fulfill for the use of different countries. The AC output has a maximum of 500W (230V 50/60Hz or 110V 50/60Hz), the DC output has a maximum of 120W(12V, 10A).


The MPS-900Pro is the portable generator for all your outdoor shoots, in the meantime you can even charge your phone, laptop or any other electronic device. It will last approximately 9 hours if you are using standard 100W LED light. Fully charging the generator will take up to10 hours. With the 5 LED indicators you can immediately see the status of the battery level.



Battery Capacity: 34000mAh (900Wh) 25.9V
Li-Ion Akku Type: SANYO 18650 Cylindrical Lithium Ion battery cell
AC output: 500W (max.) 230V 50/60Hz or 110V 50/60Hz
DC output: 120W 12V 10A
Max. peak power: 1000W
Input charge: DC 29.4V (max.) 5A
AC output socket x 1
DC output socket x 1
Recharging Time: 10 hrs
Short circuit protection: Auto Power Cut-Off (no warning indicator light)
Total Harmonic Distortion: 3%
Estimated consumption time when using with continuous LED lighting.
60W: 800 mins
100W: 400 mins
160W: 270 mins
300W: 160 mins
480W: 85 mins 
The AC output is with universal socket, which is suitable for UK/US/EU countries




***Kindly note that we are not able to ship battery products to Middle East and South American countries***


For these countries, please check with us before your purchase.

    HK$11,999.00 一般價格
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